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Cat Litter Shovel Scoop with Garbage Container Attached

Cat Litter Shovel Scoop with Garbage Container Attached

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Are you looking for a tool that can make cleaning and managing your cat litter easier? The Cat Litter Shovel Scoop Filter is the perfect solution! This powerful device comes with a garbage can, making it a convenient and time-saving way to clean. With its large capacity, you’ll be able to store ample amounts of litter without worry.

Additionally, this item comes with an oven filter that sifts through the box and keeps unwanted waste away. The bottom can easily be removed after being filled up, so managing becomes even smoother. Plus, it is made of high-quality plastic so you won’t have to worry about any wear and tear damage. Furthermore, this product has a convenient handle that makes using it easier than ever before! Make cleaning your pet supplies faster and more comfortable - get the Cat Litter Shovel Scoop Filter today!



Specifications: Product Name: Cat Litter ShovelMaterial: ABSSize: 12*16*29 cm

Package Included:1 * Cat Litter Shovel

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