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Simulation Bird - Interactive Cat Toy

Simulation Bird - Interactive Cat Toy

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Introducing the Simulation Bird Interactive Cat Toys; the perfect addition to spice up your cat’s playtime! Our interactive cat toy is made from high-quality materials that are safe for your pet, and equipped with a mind-blowing electric hanging eagle feature that will tantalize your complacent kitty. The intense and exciting sound of the eagles’ wings flapping stimulates and captivates cats for hours of fun and keeps them active. The Simulation Bird Interactive Cat Toy also comes with an extra large feather dangler ball to challenge the reflexes of small cats, as well as a sturdy scratch rope to sharpen claws. All your kitty needs is one or two AA batteries (not included) and they’re off! Great for both cats and small dogs alike, this simulation bird interactive cat toy will definitely bring tons of excitement to you and your furry friend's lives!

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